The RMC Board is always looking for new individuals in the Rocky Mountain region who are eager to advance the cause of a cure to HD and help support HD patients in need.


Elizabeth Heap

Vice President

Monica Mayerle


Jonathan Lohse


Floyd Fishleigh

Advocacy Chair

Susan Winter

Fundraising Chair & Team-Hope-Walk Chair

Kathleen Bates

Celebration-of-Hope Chair

Molly Kokesh


Community Services Co-Chairs

Phyllis Currans
Greg Jarvis

National Youth Alliance Chair

Collin Harrington

At-Large Board Members

Laurene Bretz
Justin Wallach


RMC Board members at the 2023 Celebration of Hope (from left to right):
Jon Lohse; Kathleen Bates; Molly Kokesh; Liza Heap; Phyllis Currans; Greg Jarvis